The INMOTION V8 can do it all. Tackle the roughest path, the steepest hill, and get there faster.

Experience incredible power beneath your feet with responsive acceleration and braking. You'll wonder how it's possible to do all of this while keeping you balanced, but it's all due to our advanced components, motor and battery system. More power = more safety.

Mount and dismount with ease: a tall, slim design offers ergonomics like no other. Stop & go in total comfort. V8's high pedals give you incredible manoeuvrability and the tightest turning radius without your pedals touching the ground.

No controller needed! Your body controls the wheel: lean forward to go and lean back to slow down. When you’re ready to stop, slow to a stop and step one foot down. Once you learn how to ride, you're in total control.

Almost anyone can learn! Just like any skill, it takes a little practice and your newfound skill will amaze you every day!

Max Speed: 30km/h
Range per Power: 50km
Charge Time: 3h

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